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Ecoremediation of standing waters

LIMNOS services

The LIMNOS Company makes project designs for multipurpose management of lakes, dams and reservoirs, wetlands, etc. This activity includes:

  • determination of ecological state
  • determination of multi-purpose use
  • preparation of expert bases for preventive and remedial measures
  • development of concept solutions
  • preparation of project documentation
  • construction supervision
  • formulation of proposals for the management of standing waters and ERM banks
  • monitoring programme

Freshwater algae

Algae are the most diverse group of photosynthetic organisms, playing an important role in all ecosystems. In Slovenia, the diversity of freshwater algae results from a large number of different biotopes such as streams, rivers, natural and artificial lakes, wetlands, oxbows, waterfalls, etc. Besides being an indicator of biodiversity, algae are an important sign of the water ecological status. Hence, algal bloom in standing water bodies is a direct indicator of eutrophication (pollution). Moreover, the ecological status of watercourses can be determined by the indicator algal species in periphyton.

LIMNOS services (freshwater algae)

The LIMNOS Company performs the following services:

  • sampling and determination of algae and assessment of the bioindicator value
  • monitoring of phytoplankton in lakes and dams
  • monitoring of periphyton in running waters
  • determination of the ecological status of standing waters

More information

In Slovenia there are 1,270 standing water bodies, of which 210 lakes. Lakes and reservoirs are of great ecological and economic importance and therefore require careful and rational management.

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