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Environmental education

At the LIMNOS Company we are aware that public education about the importance of environmental protection and nature conservation is of utmost significance, since only in such a way can expert recommendations and new knowledge in the area of environmental protection become an everyday practice in the implementation of activities affecting the environment.

To this end we have developed various forms of education for different target groups: primary and secondary school pupils, college and university students, managers and operators of municipal infrastructure, expert and lay public at large. The educational activities are performed in the form of:
Izobraževalne aktivnosti izvajamo v obliki:

  • thematic conferences, seminars and lectures
  • field trips – ecoremediation technologies
  • internships
  • mentoring in the preparation of diploma and masters theses and doctoral dissertations
  • conception and implementation of thematic educational trails

More information

A large number of publications, such as articles, books, conference proceedings, seminar papers, diploma and masters thesis and doctoral dissertations, bear witness of our activity in this the area of education.

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