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About us
The LIMNOS Company for Applied Ecology was established in 1994. The company is engaged in research, development and application of natural ecosystems for the protection and restoration of the environment. From the initial research in the field of aquatic ecosystems and development of waste water treatment by constructed wetlands (CW), the company's activities have extended to the provision of sustainable solutions to the environmental problems arising from human activities. The LIMNOS solutions for the restoration and protection of the environment that take into account the significance, structure and functioning of ecosystems, are called ECOREMEDIATIONS (ERM).
For the development of the innovative technology of constructed wetlands, the LIMNOS Company received a prominent EUREKA Lillehammer Award, which was also mentioned in the "Slovenia – Country of Excellence" promotional poster. In addition to this award, the company was rewarded, at the European level, for sustainable rehabilitation of landfill sites and conditioning of polluted drinking water sources.

The Company is currently developing various new ecoremediation technologies, such as the methods for the protection of water sources, ecoremediations in the NATURA 2000 areas, etc.

The LIMNOS Company has been operating and providing its products and services at home and abroad. In research work, the company's experienced employees cooperate with several organisations and educational establishments in Slovenia and Europe. As a means of environmental protection, ERM is incorporated in education programmes of secondary schools and universities in Slovenia and the countries of South Eastern Europe.

The guiding principle our development and work is: "WORKING WITH NATURE TO PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT".

More information

The LIMNOS Company's flagship is the LIMNOWET® constructed wetland. LIMNOWET® is a natural system for the treatment of waste waters.

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