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Staff bibliography

Prof. Dr. Danijel Vrhovšek
Marjana Vrhovšek, BSc Biology
Dr. Darja Istenič
Martin Vrhovšek, BSc Biology
Urša Vidmar, BSc Water Management and Municipal Engineering
dr. Maja Pociecha
Matej Slapnik, BSc Architecture
Anja Potokar, BSc Water Management and Municipal Engineering

Implemented projects

Constructed wetlands (160 kb)

Research and development projects

National and international research projects (184 kb)


Doctoral dissertations, masters and diploma theses written within the LIMNOS Company (364 kb)


National Energy Globe Award (2008)
Sustainable rehabilitation of the landfill site
European Regional Champions Award (2008)
Centre of Excellence for Environmental Technologies
MOS 2005 Trade Fair Award
Awarded by the City Council of the Municipality of Celje for constructed wetland
Lillehammer Award 2001
First prize for the EUREKA project
2001 Award for Environmental Technology
Environmental Development Fund and Gospodarski vestnik magazine
Environmental Product of the Year 1995
Gospodarski vestnik magazine and Celje Trade Fair
SPIM 1993
Silver Award for Innovation
Association of Slovenian Innovators 1993

Patents / Trade marks

Trade mark No. 201170166


Trade mark No. 201170260


Patent No. P-2012001520
Constructed Wetland


Patent No. 9500262
Constructed Wetland (1997)


Patent No. 9700036
Leachate Treatment and Regulation of Hydraulic Circulation at the Remediation of Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Sites (1998)


Isprava o Konsenzualnom patentu
Consensual Patent PK 980393, Zagreb


More information

Please contact us for further information on the projects not mentioned in the existing documents and the ongoing projects.

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